BEDROC MMA NAGA Albany Results 3/14

April 6, 2015 3:37 pm Published by

Congratulations to all that competed! It was a a was a great showing for BEDROC; results are below.

John “LJ” Farrar – 1st Place Expert Div (No Gi)

Antonio Vero – 2nd Expert Div (No Gi) & 2nd Expert Div (Gi)

Jacob Bohn – 1st Place Int. Div (No Gi)

Jesse Baymer – 2nd Place Int. Div (No Gi)

Mike Rosselli – 1st Place Int. Div (No Gi)

AJ Allenbrandt – 2nd Place Beg. Div (No Gi)

Qwali Caruthers 1st Place (No Gi) & 2nd Place (Gi)

Katrina Ide – 1st Place Beg. Div (No Gi) & 2nd Place (Gi)

Martin “Bulgaria” Kalpakchiev – 1st Place Beg. Div (No Gi)

* Jake and Jesse Closed Out their Division 1 & 2.

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